Pickles as in the days of yore

We are a manufacturer of probably the most tasty pickles in Greater Poland.
Our company was founded in 1995 and has been developing ever since.
We implement new technology, new products, new solutions.
But we keep one thing as it used to be…

Respect for tradition

We produce pickles as they used to be produced. This means natural methods.
Without improving, accelerating or acidifying agents. In the natural rhythm.
We adapt to the needs and tastes of individual customers as well as wholesalers,
who are always in the centre of our attention.

We offer a full spectrum of pickles made of cabbage,
cucumbers or beetroots, allow the customers to select additional ingredients,
package sizes and the weight of the pickle.

We produce pickles both for the domestic market,
as well as to be exported to the Western and to the Eastern Europe.
Our side has implemented the health and safety assurance system HACCP
and regularly tests its products.

All of this with the pickle taste and the health of our customers in mind.